Spreading the love of mathematics with the OYAK High School Mathematics Competition, OYAK Cement also supports the projects of the Turkish Kidney Foundation.

Life is Mathematics

The social responsibility project OYAK High School Mathematics Competition, which was initiated primarily in the provinces where OYAK Cement affiliates are located, with the slogan "Life is Mathematics", was later expanded to the provinces where other affiliates are located. The competition, which aims to encourage, direct and popularize science and technology in order to meet the technical/engineering personnel needs especially in industrial establishments, to support education in their regions, to create technical knowledge and to prevent labor migration, started in 2002.

In the project, the field of which was determined as mathematics and the platform as a competition, cooperation was made with TÜBİTAK, which is a well-known and trusted institution in scientific research in Turkey, in order to correctly identify the strong and respected strategic partner in order to convey the strongest message to the society.

The OYAK High School Mathematics Competition, which first started in 2002 with 428 students in 107 schools in 5 provinces where OYAK Cement companies are located, spread to the provinces where other OYAK companies are located, and met with 3.499 schools and 13,796 students between 2002-2012.

Turkish Kidney Foundation

With the Turkish Kidney Foundation, 6 OYAK Cement companies participated in a social responsibility project in the field of health in 2014 and 2015.

Within the scope of the project, 3-day seminars on salt and kidney health were organized for the employees of OYAK Cement companies and their families, open to the general participation of the public, in university halls in the province. A dialysis machine was also donated to the state hospital determined by the Turkish Kidney Foundation and the Provincial Health Directorate.

Human Resources

OYAK Cement’s human resources management mentality consists of the adoption of approaches and applications that support strategical targets and performance, while responding to the special needs of the different industries with which it conducts its activities in an appropriate and efficient manner.